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Child custody fight drags on for Miller

If you've had to fight with your ex over child custody, visitation or other issues in Texas, then you understand how hard it can be for you and your child. In a case you may have heard about involving Bode Miller, he and his ex have been fighting over their son. Both want child custody, but the man's ex hopes that they will be able to work out the visitation and custody issues soon. Still, there are plenty of issues they need to work out, just like you may have to in your situation.

According to the April 2 report, the woman has been caught up in the case that has now been moved to New York over the son she had with Bode Miller. The 13-month-old boy has been the center of conflict, since his mother was pregnant with him when Miller and she were no longer seeing each other. According to the news from March 31 from the New York Daily News, the couple has not yet been able to settle on a parenting schedule, but on April 7, the judge meant to hold a hearing to work it out and to have witnesses testify.

Texas couple gets creative to raise money for adoption

Although many people consider adopting a child at some point in their life, some realize that there is more to the process than they were previously aware of. One thing that many people overlook is the cost of adoption. One Texas couple has become creative in their attempt to raise enough money to move through the adoption process. The hopeful parents planned a marathon fundraiser in an attempt to raise enough money to adopt a child. As a result of the unique approach, they were able to raise approximately $6,500.

People were able to pledge money for the soon-to-be father to wear a costume of their choosing in the marathon. Despite the fact that he had to change multiple times throughout the marathon, he finally reached the finish line. With the money that they raised along the way, they were able to afford flights to Japan to adopt their son.

Another divorce for Andrew Dice Clay

For some people, the divorce process is something they never want to think about. They know what this would mean to them, as well as their family as a whole, and hope to never be in this position. Others, however, including many celebrities, have a different outlook on divorce.

Many of our Texas readers are familiar with the work of Andrew Dice Clay. Most are also familiar with the fact that the comedian and actor has been married three times.

Exiled church member wins child custody case

An ex-church member has been trying to obtain child custody of his children who are part of an exclusive Fundamentalist LDS Church community. The reports state that the man filed a child custody lawsuit against his ex-wives seeking legal and physical custody of his minor children, because he believes that they would have been in danger if they had stayed at the church. The March 27 report claims that the church is run by Warren Jeffs, a man now known and convicted for the child sexual assault of underage minors.

Jeffs was part of a 3.5-hour deposition, but he wouldn't answer any questions. He pleaded the Fifth Amendment of the United States Constitution to defend himself. The attorney argued that it was important that people in the room understood that the man was a pedophile running the church.

The importance of friends during divorce

Regardless of where you live, from Texas to California or somewhere in between, when going through divorce you know you are going to be faced with a variety of challenges. While you are dealing with issues ranging from property division to your personal emotions, it is nice to have a few good friends by your side. These people can ensure that you get through this rough patch without dealing with any unnecessary stress.

As tempting as it may be to run and hide, it is essential to focus on the benefits of keeping your friends close by. These people will be by your side from beginning to end, hoping to do whatever they can to make your life just a little bit easier, just as your attorney will do his or her best to take care of all the legal concerns.

How to approach stocks during the divorce process

Nobody wants to go through the divorce process, but anyone who is faced with this challenge needs to know what he or she is up against. This likely means working with your family law attorney to determine how assets should be divided.

In the event that stock options and/or restricted stock is part of the divorce settlement, there are several steps that must be taken along the way. Since many people don't understand the ins and outs of stock options and restricted stock, they often times overlook how to get a fair share during a divorce. For this reason, it often makes sense to work closely with an attorney or financial planner to ensure that you better understand your complete financial situation. In the event that you opt not to receive a share of a stock, you need to make sure you are getting something in return of equal value.

Man faces charges for child support to an ex without custody

Here's an interesting story about a man from Texas who has had to battle Missouri over child support they claim he hasn't paid. According to the March 13 news, the man is upset because the state of Missouri has garnished his wages for child support that he believes he shouldn't have to pay. This case is complicated, but it does show why it's important to get everything in writing when in court.

According to the story, the man claims that he divorced his wife in 2005. Somehow during the process, she managed to get custody of their daughter signed over to her other daughter from a previous marriage. This was supposedly in the child's best interests. At that point, the man was ordered to pay $473 in child support and also $7,000 in back child support, which he did.

Adoptions delayed by Ukraine turmoil

When it comes to the adoption process, most people are well aware of the paperwork, time, money, and other resources that are necessary. However, when adopting a child from another country, the process can be interrupted for a number of reasons, such as political unrest.

Our Texas readers, just the same as many others, have been staying current with the turmoil in Ukraine. For many, however, this has hit closer to home.

No link between premarital cohabitation and divorce

There is no denying the fact that most people get married with the idea that they are going to stay with the other person for the rest of their life. However, things happen along the way and people end up getting a divorce for a variety of reasons.

For many years, it has been believed that living together before getting married would increase the chance of divorce. New research disputes this link, noting that this may not be a bad thing after all.

Multimillionaire goes after child support repayment

This interesting case if you are currently involved in a child custody disputer. In the case, a multimillionaire is trying to get his ex-wife to repay him money he gave her for child support. Until recently, the man had not had custody of the pair's two children. Now that he does, he's asking a judge in Texas to stop making him pay child support and to have his ex-wife pay him back nearly $5,000 per month that he had paid since last April.

The 59-year-old man was recently awarded temporary child custody while the new court case is discussed. According to the lawyers for the 38-year-old woman, any loss of money that large would result in her being unable to afford her apartment in the Upper West Side of New York, and that would make it difficult for her to share the home with her 3- and 5-year-old children again.

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