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Marital Dissolution Attorney

Perhaps you have heard about divorce lawyers who pile on the fees without keeping clients informed, about cases that end in outcomes far from what was expected. These horror stories do not come from my clients. Over the course of more than 35 years, I have built a record of positive outcomes for people in and near Allen, Texas. When my clients talk about the service they received from me, it is often to refer friends and family members.

You can contact me, Michael Suffness, whether you are considering filing for divorce, know you want to proceed, or a case has been filed against you and you need to respond. This is a difficult time in your life, so you can count on me to focus on reducing your stress and guiding you through the process from our very first conversation.

Targeting Amicable and Affordable Resolutions

If you and your spouse can agree on major issues such as property division, child custody and visitation, your divorce is likely to be more amicable and affordable. If you can agree on every detail without the help of a lawyer, you can even proceed with an uncontested divorce. There really is no reason for your divorce to “get ugly” or cost many thousands of dollars, provided agreements can be reached by working together. My goal is to understand your needs and guide you through negotiations or mediation to the resolution that is right for you.

In some cases, an amicable resolution is simply not possible. I am prepared to take the next step and go to trial. Before I do so, I will educate you that putting decisions in the hands of a judge is no guarantee that your needs will be met. Furthermore, I make certain you understand the high cost of litigation.

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In a free half-hour consultation, you can:

  • Provide me with the information I need about your family dynamics and finances, so that I can present legal options tailored to your situation
  • Gain an understanding of whether you have a contested or uncontested divorce
  • Carefully consider whether I am the right divorce attorney for you in Allen, Texas.

Would you like to work with an attorney who will offer you compassionate guidance through the divorce process, keeping your costs in mind? Please contact my office today.