Guiding You Through Complex Legal Matters

Guiding You Through Complex Legal Matters

Does the location of your custody exchange matter?

On Behalf of | Nov 13, 2020 | Divorce

If you have joint custody of your kids, known in Texas as a joint managing conservatorship, you must swap the kids when your parenting time begins and ends. During your divorce, you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse likely have wide latitude to negotiate the location of the custody exchange.

Some custody swap sites are better than others. Therefore, when drafting your parenting plan, you probably want to put some effort into choosing the right site. The following guidelines may give you a meaningful place to start.

Do not overly burden either parent

You and your children’s co-parent must juggle work, family, social and other obligations. Doing so successfully may become even more challenging after your divorce. Therefore, when selecting a spot to exchange the kids, try not to overly burden yourself of your children’s co-parent.

Opting for a site that is not too far from either parent’s home or place of employment probably makes sense.

Stay away from both parents’ residences

While picking a convenient and accessible location is a good idea, you may want to cross your home and your ex-spouse’s residence off your list of proposed exchange locations. After all, if you or your children’s co-parent are not comfortable visiting the other’s post-divorce home, conflict may be imminent.

Remember, having healthy boundaries is in everyone’s interests.

Make safety a priority

After settling on the location for your custody swap, you may want to research crime statistics to ensure the spot is safe. You also likely want to think about environmental factors.

Having a backup site to exchange the kids during inclement weather is a decent way to ensure everyone stays safe during all custody hand-offs.