Guiding You Through Complex Legal Matters

Guiding You Through Complex Legal Matters

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A Skilled And Practical Divorce Lawyer

You may have heard negative stories about divorce lawyers — from fees spiraling upward without notice to unreturned phone calls and shocking outcomes. In addition to protecting your legal rights, I focus on preventing unpleasant surprises while reducing your stress in this difficult time.

Your conversation with an experienced lawyer can be a big step toward a reasonable divorce outcome and renewed peace of mind. You can contact me, Michael Suffness, whether you are considering filing for divorce, know you want to proceed, or a case has been filed against you and you need to respond.

Targeting Affordable Resolution, but Prepared for Court When Necessary

Divorces do not have to “get ugly” or cost many thousands of dollars. The more major issues — such as child custody and visitation and your property settlement — that you can agree upon, the less your divorce should cost. I will counsel you accordingly and help with negotiations or mediation.

If key issues remain disputed, costs can increase rapidly — often beginning with the need for a hearing on temporary orders covering child support and other key points. Taking a contested divorce all the way to court puts major decisions in the hands of a judge, and costs should not be underestimated.

Call Today to Arrange a Productive Meeting

In a free half-hour consultation, you can:

  • Provide the basic information I will need about your family makeup, finances, and relationships so that I can present legal options to you
  • Gain an understanding of what issues must be resolved for you to pursue an uncontested divorce
  • Carefully consider whether I am the right attorney for you

If you would like to work with a lawyer who will approach your case compassionately and keep your costs in mind, please contact my office in Plano, Texas, today. Call 972-845-8014. We also help clients with divorce matters in Frisco, McKinney, and Allen Texas.