Guiding You Through Complex Legal Matters

Guiding You Through Complex Legal Matters

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Reliable Counsel on Texas Child Custody and Visitation

Through years of trial experience as an attorney dealing with family law problems, I have helped many people resolve disputes over child custody and visitation. Many clients appreciate my personal, practical approach to reaching a positive outcome while controlling legal costs.

Whether you are facing divorce or want to modify a custody or visitation order already in place, you can contact me. From an accessible office location in Plano, Texas, I serve men and women in all types of circumstances throughout Collin County, as well as Denton and Dallas counties.

Helping You Make Sound Custody Decisions and Take Action

In some divorces, reaching an out-of-court agreement on custody and visitation is a major challenge. I support parents who want the best for their children, and I also understand concerns about losing closeness and control.

I have helped numerous mothers and fathers obtain primary custody, and also helped many divorcing couples work out balanced custody and visitation arrangements that work for everyone. I can help you understand Texas law and carefully consider issues such as:

  • The best interests of your child or children, from a rational perspective that reflects how the court would likely rule
  • How different arrangements will impact the child support order and your ability to get by financially
  • Any special needs that should be detailed in a parenting plan

Texas law requires mediation of most child custody-related disputes before any trial. I have extensive experience with these matters and can help you prepare for the settlement conference that may lead to resolution of your dispute.

Serving Plano | Frisco | McKinney | Allen, Texas

To speak with an honest, trustworthy lawyer about child custody and visitation, please call 972-845-8014 or send me email now. Our work can begin with a free half-hour consultation.