Guiding You Through Complex Legal Matters

Guiding You Through Complex Legal Matters

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Modifying or Enforcing Your Divorce Decree

Life goes on after divorce — with changes for better and worse — and, especially if you have children, you may need capable legal counsel months or years after your divorce becomes final. I handle many modifications of orders and enforcement actions, providing solid, personalized counsel and dependable follow-through.

You can contact me, attorney Michael Suffness, to discuss your likelihood of success and the best way to proceed. In my years of trial experience, I have helped people in the Plano, Texas, area and throughout Collin, Dallas and Denton counties obtain:

  • Modifications of child support — most commonly driven by a significant change in income or other circumstances that alter, negatively or positively, the supporting parent’s ability to pay
  • Modifications of child custody or visitation — which often require a compelling reason why a change is in the child’s best interest, or the formally stated request of a child over age 12
  • Modifications of spousal support or alimony — may be necessary if there are changes in income of either spouse or changes in marital status of a party
  • Enforcement of the orders in a divorce decree — including actions to collect child support or spousal support, compel surrender of property or comply with other legal requirements

Are You or Your Ex-Spouse Planning to Move?

Parental relocation is another issue that requires the counsel of a qualified lawyer — whether you are a custodial parent who wants to move, or a parent seeking to prevent a move because it would interfere with visitation, I can help. There may be specific restrictions in your divorce decree or court order, and the courts can make a decision based on many factors.

Serving: Plano | McKinney | Frisco | Allen, Texas

I offer a free half-hour consultation to help you understand the law as it pertains to your situation. My primary goal is always to help you make the best possible decision about pursuing a modification or enforcement action in view of likely costs as well as benefits. Call 972-845-8014.