Guiding You Through Complex Legal Matters

Guiding You Through Complex Legal Matters

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Stepping Clear of Divorce Pitfalls

If you are going through a divorce, you must make many decisions, many of them difficult. By making the right decisions, you can lay the foundation for a happier and financially healthy post-divorce future. Making the wrong decisions, however, will lead you down a different path.

At Michael B. Suffness, P.C., I have more than 30 years of experience guiding people through divorce in Texas. I help my clients avoid the mistakes that can compromise property and custody rights while giving rise to unnecessary conflict and expense.

Some of the most common divorce mistakes include:

1. Oversharing on Social Media

A seemingly harmless post on Facebook, Instagram or other social media platforms can quickly derail your divorce. A photo of a new car or a location tag in an island getaway can give the impression you have more money than your divorce records indicate. Accounts of dating or partying can be used to portray you as an unfit parent. Remember, the internet is permanent, and you never know who is watching. When in doubt, don’t post.

2. Fighting Over Pots and Pans

It is wise to choose your battles. When you get emotionally invested in a divorce dispute, you can find yourself spending thousands of dollars fighting over something that’s worth hundreds, or less, just to prove a point. Get to the heart of what really matters to you and fight for that.

3. Not Following Court Orders

You must take court orders seriously. If you violate one, you can be held in contempt of court, resulting in fines and other consequences. Such a transgression gives a judge reason to rule against you in further court proceedings when you need every advantage you can get.

4. Setting Unrealistic Expectations

It is very unlikely you will get everything you want in the divorce. If you come into a divorce with the expectation you will get more than your fair share of property, you will likely be disappointed. By taking a more pragmatic view, you can pick your battles, focusing on the things that truly mean the most to you. Free from inflated expectations, you will also likely be happier with the result.

Take the Right Steps Today

One way you can make sure you avoid divorce mistakes is by consulting with an experienced attorney. I am here to provide you with advice and representation based on more than three decades of legal experience. To arrange your initial consultation, call my law offices at 972-845-8014 or contact me online.