Guiding You Through Complex Legal Matters

Guiding You Through Complex Legal Matters

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Talk To An Attorney Who Knows Divorce And Bankruptcy Law

Debt problems often lead to marital strife. On the flip side, divorce can cause financial hardship. It’s no wonder that people often face divorce and bankruptcy at the same time. When these issues overlap, you can save yourself significant time and expense by hiring a lawyer who is experienced in both practice areas.

I am Michael B. Suffness, a divorce and bankruptcy lawyer in Plano, Texas. I have been practicing law since 1982 and have guided many clients through divorce as well as the Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy processes. I know how these two legal areas intersect and can protect your financial interests while helping you put your marital and debt problems behind you for good.

When Should I File?

There are strong advantages to filing for bankruptcy before getting divorced. By resolving your marital debt first, you can save the trouble of deciding which spouse is responsible for what debt during divorce proceedings. A further advantage is that married couples can file jointly for bankruptcy. That means only one filing fee as opposed to two. Also, if you have concerns about qualifying for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, it is easier for married couples to meet those qualifications.

That being said, when to file bankruptcy must be decided on a case-by-case basis. There may be factors in your divorce or your debt situation that would make filing after dissolution a more attractive option. I can review your overall situation to help you determine the best course of action.

Bankruptcy And Support Payments

Bankruptcy does not discharge child support or spousal support obligations. A person who is having trouble keeping up with payments may benefit from Chapter 13 debt reorganization, but they must keep up with their support obligations or face legal consequences.

Get All Of The Legal Help You Need From One Attorney

You shouldn’t have to hire two attorneys for a problem that can be handled by one. My clients benefit from getting all of the divorce and bankruptcy law guidance they need — under one roof. To learn more about how I can help you with your family law and debt-related matters in Texas, contact my law office online or by telephone at 972-845-8014.