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What Can A Prenup Do For You?

Couples in Texas who are planning to get married should take a fresh look at how a prenup could help them.

Even before a wedding date is set, couples in Texas who are planning to spend their lives together should discuss important issues. These can include whether or not they wish to have children, if one spouse would stay home with children if they have any, what type of living style they want and more.

Couples who may already have children from previous marriages or relationships should add to these discussions how they want their assets or sentimental belongings split among their biological children, step-children and others when they die.

These types of discussions provide logical opportunities to consider utilizing prenuptial agreements. Certainly no couple wants to think about getting divorced when they are in the throes of planning a wedding but not only can that be practical and smart, it is far from the only reason to enter into a prenup today.

Prenups for remarriages

USA Today wisely points out that couples entering into second or subsequent marriages naturally have issues to address that couples getting married for the first time do not. This can be especially true if one or both spouses-to-be has children or grandchildren already.

Each spouse in a remarriage may have special items that they want to ensure will remain in their biological family line after they die. Some couples agree to keep some financial assets separated in terms of how they will be distributed after death. This allows each person’s children to retain any inheritance from their own parent that they would have received before the new marriage.

All of these things and more can be carefully and clearly outlined in a prenuptial agreement. In this way, a marital contract becomes a valuable adjust to other estate planning activities.

Prenups for reputation preservation

When considering the potential for a future divorce , couples need to be realistic and understand that they are not likely to think positively of each other during that process. Some people unfortunately relegate themselves to wanting to lash out at the other. In today’s world that can be all too easily accomplished on social media.

With just a few taps on a keyboard and clicks of a mouse, one person’s reputation can be seriously tarnished. While this would never be a positive thing, it can be especially detrimental for people who stand to lose business-and therefore, income-because of a slanderous post. Fox News identifies how social media clauses in prenuptial agreements can specifically ban this type of activity.

Of course, one spouse could choose to disregard such a clause. If that happens, he or she can face fines sometimes as high as $50,000 according to ABC News.

Make sure it is legal

Prenuptial agreements clearly have many benefits for modern couples in Texas. Before getting married, it is recommended that a lawyer is consulted to fully understand the protections and options available via a prenup.